We maintain the payroll records for a lot of our clients. We deal with the monthly / weekly payroll processing overtime claims, commission payments, bonus payments and account for agreed deductions. We calculate PAYE / NI deductions and advise when the remittance is due to be paid to the Collector of Taxes. We advise on the net payments that are due to be paid to your employees and can arrange bank credit transfers to employee bank accounts on your behalf. We deal with new joiners and leavers and process all the relevant forms that are required by HM Revenue & Customs.


If confidentiality is an issue we can maintain the payroll for key members of staff and management leaving the company to maintain the payroll for the rest of the workforce.


We deal with the end of year return (form P35) and issue forms P60 to all members of staff. Our computerised systems enable us to file end of year returns online. For larger businesses it will be mandatory to file returns online from April 2009, smaller businesses have until April 2011 to comply with this requirement.


We can also prepare end of year forms P11d for clients. These forms summarise expenses and benefits that have been paid / enjoyed by staff.


It is extremely important that the payroll is managed efficiently by experienced personnel in order to ensure your employees are paid on time. Our experienced staff can relieve the pressure of having to meet these deadlines and will ensure returns are processed on time to avoid penalties being imposed on the company by HM Revenue & Customs.



We can register your business for VAT and can complete VAT returns on your behalf. We complete VAT returns for a number of our clients, both where we maintain the bookkeeping and where the bookkeeping is maintained in house by the company.


We are able to file your VAT returns online. All newly registered businesses and all existing businesses, other than those with a turnover below £100K, will be required to file returns online and pay electronically from April 2010.


VAT is an extremely complicated tax. We can advise on specific issues / VAT transactions and can advise on Annual Accounting, Cash Accounting schemes and the Flat Rate Scheme for Small Businesses.


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